Steps for Job Seekers

Workplace Initiative of Ohio (WIO)


The following are steps to facilitate your success through the WIO project:


Step 1:  Go to the websites of the participating companies/organizations and search them for positions that meet your location requirements, knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA), and for which you meet the essential functions of the job.


Step 2:  Compare your resume to the job descriptions and make revisions accordingly. Look for the "power words" in the job announcements, e.g., "excellent computer skills" or "excellent interpersonal relations" and make sure these words are reflected in your resume, if they are true. Due to the large volume of resumes received by larger companies many are using scanners to search for the "power words" that match those in their job announcements.  The more "power words" you include in your resume the more likely you are to be noticed.


Step 3:  Compare your resume format to the format of the "Resume Template" below, and make revisions if needed. This template is used by all of the major business schools across the country because it is concise and easily reviewed by employers.


Step 4:  Apply for the positions in which you are interested and qualified.


Step 5:  Send your resume and the names of the companies, position names and numbers for which you applied and email to Leslie Wilson at  Leslie will share your resume and the positions in which you are interested with her contacts to help you get noticed.

Participating Employers



Request for Resumes


We made a commitment to helping 200 individuals with disabilities gain employment and we hope to exceed that number by a long-shot. Whether you have a learning disability or other disability, we can help connect you to WIO employers. Submit a resume today.